Previews Xenoblade chronicles 2

Bastante positivas hasta ahora, sobretodo la musica:

Resolution docked isn’t great
Resolution undocked is dope
Frame rate is more than decent
Loading times are ridiculous (in a positive way)
Big and alive cities, with tons of npc
Compared to BotW cities are way bigger, full and with smoother frame rate
The amount of contents is ridiculous (once again in a positive way)
Characters seem to be presented way better than what they did in X but maybe even i Xeno wii
Jin and the other bad guy… Are soooooo cooooool
Pyra has ridiculous (in a bad way) tits… But man, she is so BADASS
Cut scenes are way better than three precious two titles
Titans are very cool
The background story… Already within the first three hours they let you understand that there will be the usual crazy stuffs
OST is amazing
Combat is smoother
No sponge HP enemies
Cool blade discover mechanics


Con la nota que sea lo compro, no tengo mejor experiencia de haber jugado los dos previos :banderas:

1 me gusta

Puta, las voces en inglés son terrible malas xD pero el compositor es el mismo Dr Chrono trigger, ya con eso me llama la atención :cryi:

He aqui una de las razones porque compre la Switch. Cuantas horas me perderé del mundo real por culpa de este juego XD