(PCGAMER) Temtem is even better than Pokémon

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  • it’s not just a ‘clone’ inspired by Pokémon but it’s a successful game in its own right and a big part of this is because Temtem addresses many of Pokémon’s shortcomings.

  • Temtem tries to improve on Pokémon’s traditional grind. Characters throughout the world have various sidequests that make you traverse between towns. You still need to fight a little, but at least you can see three or four other people running around in circles in the same grass patch, which at least makes you feel that little less silly.

  • Its foundations are built from Nintendo’s creature collecting RPG but then it expands upon it into something different, and better.

El articulo habla solo de la campaña, y no es muy dificil hacer una mejor campaña :zippy:

Si es tan facil por que pokimon con mas de XX años en el mercado, no lo hizo TODO bien???

Con plata y recursos…



1 me gusta

Porque GF apunta a niños con la campaña de pokemon, mientras que Temtem tiene una campaña mucho mas dificil.


Conforme !

Está bueno el temtem :bravo: