Intel pagando para que falseen datos 🇯🇴


Intel paid Principled Technologies, a third-party performance testing agency, to obtain performance numbers comparing the Core i9-9900K with the Ryzen 7 2700X across a spectrum of gaming benchmarks, instead of testing the two chips internally, and posting their test setup data in end-notes, as if to add a layer of credibility/deniability to their charade. The agency posted its numbers that were almost simultaneously re-posted PCGamesN, gleaming the headline “Up to 50% Faster than Ryzen at Gaming.” You could fertilize the Sahara with this data.

y en algunas pruebas dejaron al ryzen 2700x como 4c/8h

What this means is a CCX module in the 2700X was completely disabled, essentially turning it into a quad-core. I’ve gone ahead and re-run the XMP 2933 test with Game Mode enabled and now I’m getting results that are within the margin of error to those published by Principled Technologies.

This is unbelievable, I don’t know if they are being extremely malicious or it’s just incompetence of the highest order. How do you take note of every last setting to be documented but not realize just 4-core/8-threads are active on an 8-core/16-thread processor?


A propósito de Intel, he visto que ahora suman los gb de Intel Optane a los gb de ram de los notebooks :zippyfear:


ajajaj es una verguenza!!

Ayer pcfactory estaba vendiendo un tarro con un cpu de octava generación y una 1050! xD